What is Stylo Motion Design?

Stylo Motion Design is a specialised motion graphics, animation and video content studio based in Dublin, Ireland. We do 2d and 3d mograph, video editing, vfx and animation. We work with brands big and small and pride ourselves on approaching every project with the same level of enthusiasm. We love new challenges, the madder the brief you can give us the better!

Why Stylo Motion Design?

We get asked all the time why we’re called Stylo. Well, besides being an awesome Gorillaz tune, it’s also the latin word for pen. Even though everything we’re doing is digital, we think it’s important that every project should start with a scribble on a scrap of paper.

Who are Stylo Motion Design?

We are an A-Team style, elite unit of cut-throat motion graphic designers, imprisoned for a crime we didn’t commit. Upon escaping a high security facility, we started the studio to carry on our important work. Destiny brought us together, a shared love for design and animation keeps us together.

How is Stylo Motion Design?

We’re grand. And yourself?

When is Stylo Motion Design?

Stylo is now. And maybe later.

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