Guinness Pro 14

When 12 became 14… When The Pro 12 rugby competition added 2 South African teams to it’s roster, it was time for a rebrand, and The Pro 14 was born! With more teams, a conference structure needed to be adapted. We were asked to create this motion graphics explainer video to show this new structure […]


Your E-Commerce Journey, simplified! We created this mograph video for the lovely people over at It’s purpose was to give an overview of just how much their platform can do, for e-commerce businesses of any size. Our goal with this video was to show that despite it’s vast functionality, navigating and using the platform […]

Mastercard QKR

QKR! with Masterpass We look at some of the advantages of using the new QKR! with Masterpass service from Mastercard. This piece was commissioned directly by Mastercard who needed someone to take the huge amounts of data and figures they had, and distill them down into a motion graphics video that anyone could understand.

Retro Flame – Vlogmas 2018

Flame on! Erika Fox’s Retro Flame is one of the biggest fashion and lifestyle blogs out there. We were asked to come up with a concept for introducing her 24 Christmas vlogs. 24 days of vlogs? It only made sense to make 24 individual videos! The videos were full of little winks and nods to […]

The Martini Spin

Just keep spinning! We were approached by Martini Studios to create this video piece explaining their ground breaking 360 photography technology. The video is a mix of mograph bits and the actual photography taken using the Martini Spin tech. This was a really great project, combining a few different disciplines. Check out to see more […]

Hunky Dorys – 6 Nations

What a pack! Hunky Dorys, one of Ireland’s best loved brands, were looking for bespoke animated pieces for their sponsorship of the 2019 6 Nations on RTE. They wanted the pieces to maintain the brands unique and cheeky sense of humour. We created 4 clips in total, each with a worse pun than the last! […]


Popjam is a great new social media site aimed at kids! We love making ads like this! We get to go absolutely all out and let our inner child completely run wild!


We were lucky enough recently to work with two of Ireland’s best and brightest talents; music producer extraordinaire Kormac and the amazing street artist Maser! We got to bring some of Maser’s Op Art designs to life against Kormac’s amazing music, all set to a full chamber orchestra! Projects like this don’t come along too often. If […]